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Scientific Organizing Committee Chair:

Stanislav Bezhanov,

Scientific Organizing Committee Vice-Chair:

Pavel Danilov,



Section Chairs:

1. Radiation and nuclear photonics at high fields

Andrei Savel’ev (MSU), email: 


2. Ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter and ionized gases

Sergey Uryupin (LPI), email:


3. Ultrafast laser nanofabrication and nanophotonics

Sergey Kudryashov (ITMO university; LPI), email:


4. Femtosecond non-linear optics. Filamentation. High field THz generation.

Leonid Seleznev (LPI), email:


5. Femtosecond laser photobiology and photochemistry

Sergey Chekalin (IS RAS), email:


6. Physics and technology of ultrashort laser pulses and innovative femtosecond laser technology.

Pavel Kostryukov (Avesta ltd), email:


7. Femtosecond radiation in spectroscopy and optical frequency metrology.

Elena Fedorova (LPI), email