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1. Radiation and nuclear photonics at high fields

Section Chair: Andrei Savel’ev (MSU), email: 

Program committee 
Valeri Bychenkov (LPI, Russia)
Klaus Spohr (ELI-NP, Romania)
Tsuneyuki Ozaki (INRS, Canada)
Bjorn M. Hegelich (The University of Texas at Austin, USA)


  • Laser plasma sources of ionizing radiation
  • Nuclear physics with lasers
  • Extreme fields physics
  • Ultra high intensity facilities

2. Ultrafast phenomena in condensed matter and ionized gases


Section Chair: Sergey Uryupin (LPI), email:

Program committee
Nadezhda Bulgakova (HiLASE Centre, Institute of Physics ASCR, Czech Republic)
Sergey Popruzhenko (Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Complex Systems, Germany)
Stanislav Bezhanov (LPI, Russia)



  • Optical properties of heated solid conductors
  • Instabilities and high-frequency phenomena in photoionized plasma
  • Non-linear phenomena in nonequlibrium plasma and metals
  • Kinetics of rapidly heated electrons in metals and plasma


3. Ultrafast laser nanofabrication and nanophotonics

Section Chair: Sergey Kudryashov (ITMO university; LPI), email:

Program committee 
Maria Farsari (FORTH, Greece)
Alex Kuchmizhak (IACP/FEFU, Russia)
Alexey Porfirev (IPSI/SNRU, Russia)


  • Ultrafast nanostructured light + nanostructured matter
  • Ultrafast nanophotonics
  • Femtosecond-laser nanofabrication


4. Femtosecond non-linear optics. Filamentation. High field THz generation.

Section chair: Leonid Seleznev (LPI), email:

Program committee 
Alexander Shkurinov (MSU, Ruissia)
Alexander Zemlyanov (IAO SB RAS, Russia)
Vladimir Fedorov (Texas A&M University at Qatar, Qatar)
Olga Kosareva (MSU, Russia)


  • Self-compression, self-focusing and collapse
  • Terahertz science
  • Filamentation in various media
  • High-field nonlinear phenomena


5. Femtosecond laser photobiology and photochemistry

Section Chair: Sergey Chekalin (IS RAS), email:

Program committee
Andrei Razjivin (MSU, Russia) 
Ivan Pozdnyakov (ICKC SB RAS, Russia)
Evegeny Ryabov (IS RAS, Russia)


  • Applications of Femtosecond spectroscopy in Chemistry and Physics
  • Ultrafast dynamics in molecules and clusters
  • Ultrafast phenomena in Biophotonics and Photobiology
  • Ultrafast spectroscopy of primary processes of photosynthesis


6. Physics and technology of ultrashort laser pulses and innovative femtosecond laser technology.

Section Chair: Pavel Kostryukov (Avesta ltd), email:

Program committee
Alexander Konyashchenko (LPI, Russia)
Nikita Didenko (LPI, Russia)


  • Solid-state, parametric, and hybrid laser systems 
  • Stretchers, compressors, and phase control
  • Diagnostic and measurement techniques
  • Innovative femtosecond laser technology


7. Femtosecond radiation in spectroscopy and optical frequency metrology.

Section Chair: Elena Fedorova (LPI), email 


Program committee
Mikhail Gubin (LPI, Russia)
Michael Gorodetsky (MSU, Russia)
Alexey Taichenachev (ILP, Russia)


  • Absolute optical frequency measurements    
  • Femtosecond frequency combs for direct spectroscopy of ions and atoms
  • UV and HUV frequency combs    
  • Frequency combs in astrophysics
  • Optical frequency combs applications